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that tapped into the knowledge of the leading learning and skill-building entrepreneurs in Ashoka’s network. Then we designed and executed a global prize challenge to find the leading innovators in the field and foster a community that is using the design principles to tackle barriers within the field, to ultimately transform the way the world learns.


In 2014, we began a partnership with The Packard Foundation to build a community of innovators that are changing the San Francisco Bay Area by activating empathy among its citizens. The Building Vibrant Communities Challenge香蕉视频app found and engaged more than 200 Bay Area innovators that are using empathy to change their community. This challenge laid the foundation for enabling a regional community, that is committed to long-term change, to use a range of local convenings to foster the critical connections needed to make significant impact within the area.

In 2014, we partnered with Boehringer-Ingelheim to create a around social intrapreneurship for innovating in the health and wellness space. We brought together employees from more than 30 leading companies— includingBoehringer-Ingelheim, Barclays, Boston Consulting Group, and Vodafone—plus leading social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, for collaborative learning about the skills needed to intrapreneur within large companies, and to innovate in the health and wellness community.

In 2012, we began a partnership with American Express to help social innovators around the globe take their ideas to the next level of impact. Using a two- to three-day immersive program called Emerging Innovator Boot Camps香蕉视频app, AMEX and Ashoka use their networks to provide training, mentoring, and opportunities that helped a cohort of highly skilled entrepreneurs advance their venture models. Through multiple boot camps each year, this group of innovators is quickly becoming a community of the world’s future leaders for social innovation.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate how we’ve built partnerships during the past decade with leading companies and foundations香蕉视频app whose ideas, investments, networks, and people have combined with our own to accelerate impact throughout the world.